Jamestown Story Forget Lyrics

Broken Summer Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Change
  • 2 Sweet Dreams
  • 3 Forget
  • 4 I Hope You're Proud
  • 5 Goodbye (I'm Sorry)
  • 6 Unforgettable Night
  • 7 Forgotten
  • 8 I Miss You
  • 9 Broken Summer
  • 10 Under the Stars
  • 11 I Need You
  • 12 Here's Lookin at You Kid
  • 13 In Loving Memory (acoustic)
  • 14 Sweet Dreams (Full Band)
  • 15 I Hope You're Proud (Full Band)
  • 16 I Miss You (Full Band)

  • Wasted time, wasted breath,
    and for what there's nothing left
    My pillow's crisp, the tears have dried,
    her selfish ways, my bloodshot eyes.
    I used to wake up everyday
    and hear her voice, but now waking up
    isn't the preferred choice
    Holding back the anger and giving up my pride
    I wish I could have seen what she would do with her lies
    Clinging on to sanity but crossing the lines
    a new day awaits, for my fake smile
    A whole new day, a fresh new start
    forget it ever happened forget things fell apart
    But now that she's not in my life
    every little thing I see has lost it's shine
    The countless hours I spent trying to please her,
    would the time have been wasted had this not occured
    Holding back the anger and giving up my pride
    staring at her picture with a tear in my eyes
    It's difficult to hold back all these feelings I hide
    taking in deep breaths I'm too numb inside

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