Edguy Forever Lyrics

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Sitting by the window
Staring out into the night
Waiting up for the light of day
And the sound of silence
The faintly flaring candle light
Parting has got me
Around to go insane
Alone I try to while away my time
Seconds turn to ages
As I close my eyes and wait
Sometimes I wonder
What's the reason why
We long for someone to embrace
And say hello to say goodbye
Carry on - and I will forever
Longing drives bad memories away
And still carry on and I will forever
Cause when I see you smile
I dare to believe again
Is there anybody out there
To keep on looking for
If you don't know then lie to me
Blue eyed for a letdown
If this is what it takes
To maybe see the light
I'll dare to shed another tear
Oh I Know
The blows cold tonight
But anyhow I gotta go
Tell me girl where are you now
Carry on an I will forever
I tried to build a wall
And let nobody in
To be on my own
Without love and without pain
Without pain
I don't know why
But everywhere
I look into your face
Into your face
I am caught and I relapse again
Carry on, it's forever
Longing drives and memories away
Carry on and I will forever

Written by: Brian Harold May
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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