Hodgy Beats Fordabitches Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I wanna slip and slide with you, maybe dippin’ dots with you
Hit your spot tissue so you know that I’m official
You say my words tickle like you do my pickle
In and all around your mouth like a icicle
If you don’t wanna be my bitch then be my little puppy
Cause companionship is lovely, lovey dovey in a oven
Bakin’ muffins from scratch, baby I’m fuckin’ with that
She pulls rabbits outta hats and place ‘em on Alladin’s mat
And it’s a fact, excellence isn’t satisfactory
The reason she backtracks for me, the reason she backtracks for me
We take it slow, not that Tylenol
We do it because we can, Aerosol
We get it on, bottles, Cabernet, wine involved
She be winin’ but don’t be cryin’ at all
Thats’ my down ass broad, she’ll pop a nigga for me
Take his watch and jewelry
We middle finger front street, from the Gons to Belize
Bonnie and Clyde, nigga

[Verse 2]
You wanna slip and slide with me, hop inside my ride with me
My right kidney, you better work it out
When the doubtful feelings become shouts from ceilings
The lies are unrevealed and real, damn she scoldy grillin’
But me, I’m chillin’, let her leave, but not too far I pull her back
It wasn’t my intentions to run out over fuller back
Yeah, full affect, you mess with her and tools erect
The nooses neck, I speak in death and bruise the flesh of who’s to test
She fly, I flew the jet, you ain’t even the passenger
I’m high, you knew this shit ain’t even in my atmosphere
Get out of her you amateur, you’re thirsty like a scavenger
Lil guppy I’m albacore, I hit you shit you after words
They say love is a massacre, cancer as might as catheter
Mark it in your calender, tomorrow is accounted for
And if it is, she’s the amount of work
Then when I hit the ground of dirt, I’m down to work
For the amount it’s worth, yeah

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