Razor Forced Annihilation Lyrics

Custom Killing Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Survival of the Fittest
  • 2 Shootout
  • 3 Forced Annihilation
  • 4 Last Rites
  • 5 Snake Eyes
  • 6 White Noise
  • 7 Going Under
  • 8 Russian Ballet
  • Like blades of stainless steel
    A rush of metal fury
    Forged from what you feel
    Mayhem all around you
    You know you're not alone
    Fierce and violent actions
    Crush you to the bone
    Driving us higher, we plunge into fire
    A desperate risk we must take
    Amidst devestation, forced annihilation
    Cause of our necks soon to break
    Possessing unknown power
    Grinding to your minds
    Don't try to escape
    It aims, it seeks, it finds
    We know you want it louder
    An awesome overload
    Decibels of torture
    So eardrums will explode
    Drove killer instinct
    A surging in your veins
    Past points of resistance
    A level we sustain
    Our fuel feeds your fire
    Cause this is what you choose
    Thrashing with aggression
    And cutting fuckin' lose

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