Damnation Forbidden Spaces Lyrics

Reborn... Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Pagan Prayer / The Antichrist
  • 2 The Land of Degradation
  • 3 Leaving Into New Reality
  • 4 From Broken Cross (Bleeding Jesus) / Time of Prophets
  • 5 Infestation / Maldoror Is Dead
  • 6 Forbidden Spaces
  • 7 The Rulling Truth
  • 8 Behind the Wall of Tears
  • 9 Reborn...
  • Diabolic visions sculpture my brain
    Slowly I am crossing the unholy gate

    lead: BART

    Blasphemous illusions assume fantastic shape
    Terrific chasms lead to forbidden spaces
    Inscrutable passed time

    lead: LES

    Maybe I died, maybe I born
    I am on the edge of evil and goodness
    Misunderstood whispers, countess shadows
    They prompt me that the end became a beginning

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