ForDireLifeSake ForDireLifeSake - Insecurities Securing Tragedy Lyrics

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Ink that falls all over paper pads, like the last time you ran away I can feel it being further, it's closer for me, it's further from you, as these dreams keep getting closer, it's closer for me, its further from you. I know the reasons you're afraid. Stand in line, you're not that different. Realize you'll never deel this. Stand in line, you'll always be this. But you could never be this. Last night I saw dotten lines for days, but I couldn't see the look on your face. What are you waiting for? That's why you'll never know. I won't compromise for time, when I can see that look in your eyes. For all your jealous sides, I know you'll never try. You can't disguise. Waste your time. Time to decide. Sever these ties. As these chances are passing you by. Just keep telling yourself you'll be alright.

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