PM Dawn For the Love of Peace (UK only) Lyrics

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Frankly. What's to expect the most that you want is that your brain cells flex.
A quick trip starts with the questions and oh and why is everybody in a riff raff mode.
It builds and and it builds to the point of combustion but my fingers in the hole to prevent an eruption. But it melts and the heart felt deal is dealt. I'd kill myself itself if I thought that it would help. But it wouldn't, well, I'd come back of course. You look at me now like a fool with a cross.
Jesus help me I'm obsessed with peace so open other eyes so the rest of them see. That Peace of the mind has an intricate session so never should you ever relax on the question. Of wether or not your gonna crush that trait. I do it to defy the fate and re-create another scene, never cross the lines but somewhere in-between, a wind from the wing of the right trapeze. As to activate the trip before you count to 18 or 19 shake your tambourine peace what I wouldn't do for you but it's deja-vu without an once of virtue. A man to man or three hate hexagram damn for the love of peace.


Emotions. Like to play me like a pawn. But Prince Be deciphers the P.M. dawn.
But what do you get when the candlesticks lit and reveals all the code in the deep dark crypt. The true blue colors of a quiet storm. Utopians sigh while the rest perform they say "Mi case, su casa" but don't come around me unless ya have ta.
Now everybody wants to play the violin. They ask me where does my pride begin. They want a guide... a soul brother number one. A quest has begun that you cant outrun. But who's fault is that that you swung that rope. The purple one makes a point and I quote.. "sometimes it snows in april sometimes you'll feel so bad". For the love of peace.

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