Versus the Night For You Lyrics

There Is No Such Place as Away Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 (By Way of a Polite Introduction) Your Gang's Done Gone Away.
  • 2 Johnny Alpha Is Dead
  • 3 Hey, Lazerlips!
  • 4 Wood and Gold
  • 5 I Ate Civilization (It Poisoned Me; I Was Defiled. And Then I Ate My Wickedness)
  • 6 For You
  • 7 We Have Just Lost Cabin Pressure
  • 8 Click Click
  • 9 The Mistake
  • 10 (By Way of a Fond Farewell) Life's a Glitch, and Then.....
  • 11 [untitled]
  • one chance to illustrate
    the story of just how
    I murdered my insides
    and pulled them out for all to see,
    the time I'd spend with pen in hand
    would pale in comparison
    to the time I'd spend on wishing

    I'd cleaned them up before i cut,
    wishing for more time to think about you.

    Cos you are who this is for,
    whoever you may be

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