Lil' B Foolin Around Lyrics

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You know a lot of niggas they getting knocked off to the game
Do you feel me?

I know a lot of niggas of you that be dying for no reason make some mistakes in the game
you know this hood life style is, do you feel me?
With that trap, you know the cold to the dort of that shit man it's a
Just a run around to get you to get locked up
and you feel me to take the forty to fifty,
Do you feel me?

A lot of niggas die,
I know a lot

The boy want to come up, he talking bout doubling up
He stay sipping the double cup, he even play with other stuff,
people in his ear sayin' bro you don't do enough,
and he worried about keeping up, long nights no sleep from
lying to these girls made them shower,
make em like girls, but they don't really like girls,
but niggas in they life was,
skell us to the point, straight to the point,
look when he point, he got the kind of swag,
you know that he cat it,
he thinking he need more, one night he made up a plan,
that's cut dough, he had a couple friends, had a couple things,
he made a master plan, and a ..was greedy
gonna ride his best friend with the mask in the..
the day after day he got a plan to self fake weed
to other town people, this shit
this shit is crazy people, is motivated by the evil,
you see in shady vibe, you look equal,
he killed a few people still acting like we equal
bought a couple wips but then shit, if you see through
he live he's whole life in competition with the next,
last time I heard he got blast in the chest
Life gets cold if you don't love others
I'm going roll if I wanna cure my brother
I'm gonna love your family like my mother
This real street game never sell out your brother
my niggas die.

It's Lil B
A lot of niggas die,
Yes, yeah a lot of niggas die

Our RP all my niggas that make mistakes
but they ain't getting back from now,
you know all my motherf*ckers you're trying to lick put the cable
and they getting back from that,
you know they're doing that time,
and they you know knocking down the ross,
it's just a high up, a plan to keep you
and keep the cops paid, you say f*ck the police,
you hate the police but the police love you.

What are you thuggin?
Now you're taking the hard time chances,
Be smart, you know
make sure illegal man and get your money..
you gotta do stay positive that's the best one
you know a lot of niggas, they got murb fulling around
and they ain't getting no second chance,
it's your boy Lil B
PYT, pretty young thug man

Foolin around, foolin around

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