Quiet Riot Fly Too High Lyrics

Guilty Pleasures Track Listing
  • 1 Vicious Circle
  • 2 Feel the Pain
  • 3 Rock the House
  • 4 Shadow of Love
  • 5 I Can't Make You Love Me
  • 6 Feed the Machine
  • 7 Guilty Pleasures
  • 8 Blast From the Past
  • 9 Let Me Be the One
  • 10 Street Fighter
  • 11 Fly Too High
  • [Verse 1:]
    You criticize the way I talk, You can't know how I feel, yeah yeah yeah.
    I sympathize with your dark nature, you don't know what that takes no no no
    It's a matter of time now can't you see
    Before I turn to your dark enemy
    I hear a voice that's telling me

    I'm free, free of the drama, free from the karma, free of the beast
    Free, out of my head free of the dread, the moment we met

    [Verse 2:]
    You can't invade your tired old demons I won't commiserate no no no
    You suck the life out of every room how much can I take I don't know
    Like a flower that burns you to the touch
    It's so beautiful but takes so much
    Of the life inside of me

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