Hannah Montana Fly On The Wall Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
You dont understand
What it is that makes me tick
But you wish you did
You always second guess,wonderin'
I say yes,but ya just
Lose out everytime
If you only knew what I talk about
When im with my friends just hangin' out
Then you'd have the inside scoop
On what to say,what to do
That way when we play the game
Maybe you could never lose

Dont you wish that you could be a
Fly on the wall
A creepy little sneeky little
Fly on the wall
All my precious secrets,yea
You know 'em all
Dont you wish that you could be a
Fly on the wall

(Verse 2)
Youd love to know the things I do
When im with my friends and not with you
You always second guess,wonderin'
Those other guys or who im with
You should know by now
If you were my boyfriend
Id be true to you
If I make a promise,Im comin' through
Dont you wish that you could c me
Every second of the day
That way you could have no doubt
But baby it'll never change!


A little communication
Travels a long way
Your getting mixed information
To much hear say,hear say

what I say is
come a little closer
And what im gonna say is
Dont you
Dont you
Dont you wish you were a....HEY!

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