Astro Flow Lyrics

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Living reckless, be perfected
Check collectors, getting fly
We them deuces, beating losers
Game is dead but we alive
Party poopers, straight no school is due
That school is hard to find
Hitting targets, enemy to move your ruler with my lines
Getting dough, it’s a whacky show,
Got girls gonn shoot, eenie miny mo
They brought down, you drowning wet
It’s me I’m tryina find Nemo
Got a littla buzz, tryina find me mo
With a ignorant swag and an Amish flow
Far from dark, I bring that spark
But y’all just dull like a Irish cup
Drink mo cedar,
We them dudes bring blues to your cruise like mo better
Spike be my nickname
Leave with speed and I switch lanes
Speed limit on infinite, tea when I’m on these beats
Ain’t got energy to reply to enemies
I’m an OG, you a centipede
Let me stomp my feet
Sent the beat and I work flows out
PE on my EP, proove y’all can’t see me
I repeat, y’all can’t see me
Unless you happen to be in front a TV
Easy like I sound bone thugs harmony
Put harmonies to the beat like all you be
Explicit tag at the bottom of the tea
But I keep it clean, pro no infinity
Rock smith, Cedric emcee, der
Gift to the pavel, reaching the barrel of the Brooklyn bears
If you dare, we in here
Spitting it, living it, giving it,
All haters save your shots, cause I won’t pass em the bull
I be grimey cause I be remembering things
And I do not remember you giving me change
Penny, nickles, from quarter orders to drinks provided for us
Wasn’t known, now I speak green like I’m in the forest
I’m on the scene like the nice puff and your retrories
I’m to go in this impossible to cope with all you horrors
Look close, I’m a prodigy, with a harder flow
On a harder beat, and I’m hard up in the streets
When I’m hard up in the streets, they salute me with they heads up
You the type to go to the hood and get your head bust
Trappers, Brooklyn’s finest, you could find us, at the top
Hip hop’s outstonish, geniuses, enormous kids
You the marquis but homie we the bizz
From dead broke to worth something
Go so hard that I might hurt something, hurt something
I’m killing the game like I said before rappers stay out of my lane
I’m killing the game like I said before rappers stay out of my lane
I’m out.

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