The Effort Floating Belly Up Lyrics

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we are but fish in a bowl,
everyday we're seeing the same view,
and being stuck in this cold, is making me question the truth,
sadly it seems to me that they've got their hands feeding out eyes,
and keeping us too busy to see all we are doing is eating up lies,
well i don't want to anymore,
i'm looking for something so much more,
something that money can't buy,
and that can change my life,
I no longer want to incarcerate this growth I've intended to take,
I just want something more,
I'm striving for something more,
i want a view from a higher ground,
try seeing what it means to be profound,
and its not too late to change, this whole generation of shame,
all it will take is a little thought so our lives won't continue to rot,
now lets make this something more than petty fights and even scores,
all you have to do is open your mouth and the revolution will start to come out,
so lets make this something more,
I'm striving for something more

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