Nappy Roots Flex Lyrics

The Humdinger Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Beads and Braids
  • 3 On My Way to GA
  • 4 Pole Position
  • 5 Flex
  • 6 Swerve and Lean
  • 7 Good Day
  • 8 Down 'n' Out
  • 9 Tinted Up
  • 10 Fresh
  • 11 Kalifornia Dreamin'
  • 12 Who Got It
  • 13 No Static
  • 14 Don't Stop (feat. Groove Chambers)
  • 15 Panic Room
  • 16 Small Town
  • [Chorus]
    Youse a big fine woman, won'tcha flex one time
    You educated - flex one time
    Got a pocket full of money, won'tcha flex one time
    Flex one time, flex one time
    Now BREATHE [inhaling and exhaling deeeply]
    Now BREATHE [inhaling and exhaling deeeply]
    Now BREATHE [inhaling and exhaling deeeply]
    Now BREATHE [inhaling and exhaling deeeply]

    [Verse 1]
    Yeah that's how you do it, just like that
    Yeah, uhh, yeah, uhh
    Uhh, awww baby flex one time
    I ain't seen this since I had sex online
    Baby I'm good you can check my grind
    Yeah it's flea market but the Rolex on time
    Your girl down with it yeah she next in line
    How you feel about this? Let's be real about this
    One mo' drank you can feel about this
    Yeah it's one night stand and I'm killin this shhh

    [Verse 2]
    All my girls say (OWWW) dogs say yo
    Fifth, flip now we good to go
    I wanna touch I wanna feel, you know I wan' flex
    Hotel room and some real good sex
    Yesss! I wanna flex one time
    Get'cha girlfriend, let's do that one time
    Baby oil blackrub, just one time
    Girl that Patron got me out of my mind


    [Verse 3]
    Yo, with her fine ass
    Chillin in the V.I.P. section with her wine glass
    Sophisticated funk, sexy, pretty brown eyes
    The kind you want to get, the hunter of the hound dogs
    Droppin dollars, now they in the hole like ground hogs
    Stay in baller mode, I'm at the bar sippin slowww
    Left the Grand Mar' alone
    Came back on that grown, sippin on that 'tron
    Maybe, later on we can text a line
    Right now, get up on the flo' and just unwind
    Do what'chu do best and flex in time
    We gon' get it right, for now I suggest we grind

    Now BREATHE [inhaling and exhaling deeeply]
    Now BREATHE [inhaling and exhaling deeeply]


    [Verse 4]
    What's next in line, got sex on mind
    Tell me how quick you sound girl I pressed for time
    You a sexy dime, I'm worth a cool million
    Add it all together girl we can make a killin
    You a star, you should be in the filmin
    Written all over your face, know what you feelin
    Uh-uh~! Baby don't fight the feelin
    You know what it is, Nasty Roots in the building

    [Verse 5]
    Let it breeze, get'cha flex on
    They showin off in here, get'cha flex on
    If you ridin the bench, get'cha press on
    Work it out for me shawty, get'cha stretch on
    You doin it baby - flex one time
    Keep doin it baby - two step one time
    Move your hands in and out like a exercise
    Cause you know who the shit, go on flex one time

    [inhaling and exhaling deeeply to end]

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