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  • Sure, I know that you are tired of hearing about it, but
    Most repeat the same theme over and over again, it’s
    As if they were trying to refine what seems so strange
    And off and important to them, it’s done by everybody
    Because each must work out what is before them
    Over and over again because
    That is their personal tiny miracle

    Like now as like before and before I have been listening to symphony after
    Symphony from this radio

    Makes me realize that certain people now long dead were able to
    Transgress graveyards

    And traps and cages and bones and limbs

    In tiny rented rooms I was struck by miracles

    The flesh covers the bone
    And they put a mind
    In there and
    Sometimes a soul
    And the women break
    Vases against the walls
    And the men (they) drink too
    And nobody finds the
    But keep
    Crawling in and out
    Of beds
    Flesh covers
    The bone and the
    Flesh searches
    For more than

    There is a loneliness in this world so great
    That you can see it in the slow movement of
    The hands of a clock

    People so tired
    Either by love or no love

    People just are not good to each other

    We are afraid

    Our educational system tells us
    That we can all be
    Big winners

    It hasn’t told us
    About the gutters
    Or the suicides

    Or the terror of one person
    Aching in one place

    Unspoken to

    People are not good to each other
    People are not good to each other

    I suppose they never will be
    I don’t ask them to be

    But sometimes I think about

    There must be a way

    Surely there must be a way that we have not yet
    Thought of

    There’s no chance
    At all:
    We are all trapped
    By a singular

    Nobody ever finds
    The one

    Who put this brain inside of me?

    It cries
    It demands
    It says that there is a chance

    It has kept the rope from my throat

    Maybe it will loosen

    The city dumps fill
    The junkyards fill
    The madhouses fill
    The hospitals fill
    The graveyards fill

    Nothing else

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