TISM Five Yards Lyrics

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You're only one fad away from being retro
You're only one drug away from liking techno
You're only one glasses of pair from dyslexia
You're only one Cleo mag from anorexia

You're only five yards from a fuckwit

You're only one download from this song's copyright
You're only one Tim Tam away from cellulite
You're only one phone call from captaining the Aussie side
You're only one lifestyle show from suicide
You're only one station from John Laws' shit
You're only one labotomy from believing it.

You're only one tabloid press from a lynch mob
You're only one acting role from a real job
You're only one strip of flesh from your bones
You're only one species away from Alan Jones.

You're only one small speck in space
You're only one life, soon erased
Be there none left on Eath but you
One thing will still remain true:
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