The Flaming Lips Five Stop Mother Superior Rain Lyrics

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I was born the day they shot JFK
The way you look at me sucks me down the sidewalk
Somebody please tell this machine I'm not a machine

My hands are in the air
And that's where they always are
You're ****ed if you do, and you're ****ed if you don't
Five stop mother superior rain

I was born the day they shot John Lennon's brain
And all my smiles are gettin' in the hate generation's way
Tell 'em I'm gonna go out, shoot somebody in the mouth
First thing tomorrow


I was born the day they shot a hole in the Jesus egg
Now the rain, it's all so random
What does free will have to do with it at all?
And you can't cry, but
It really don't matter, why'end up cryin' anyway.


Written by: Michael Ivins, Richard English, Wayne Coyne
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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