Dar Williams Fishing in the Morning Lyrics

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Let's go fishing in the morning, just like we've always gone.
You can come inside and wake me up,
We'll pack and leave by dawn. We will pack and leave by dawn.

And you'll say I'll hear something, and I'll say never you mind,
It's just our two poles knocking in the back seat,
And your truck is doing fine today, and everything is fine.

And your truck will climb up slowly, and we'll see how far we've gone,
And the hills will stretch before us
They are rolling on and on, they are rolling on and on.

And the fish will look up at our boat, with envy and with fear,
Because we will live forever, and our days are slow and dear,
And our days are slow and dear.

And we'll go fishing in the morning, even though we've never gone,
We're two fishing poles in the backseat,
We're the rolling on and on, we're the rolling on and on.

Written by: Dar Williams

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