Webbie feat. Mouse First Night Lyrics

What you mad now?
'Cause I done made it, laugh now!
You doin' bad now?
I thought you was a big timer!

You a trip *****
You just a bunch a lip *****
Why that **** so little and all the diamonds missin'?
Where the hood street ****?

Show me where the G ****
Where the gutter holes be and nobody gone see ****
Hit the purple main up, man I need a complete zip!
And if I catch you anywhere I can hit, you gettin' ripped

I had to meet her at the club
And I didn't even know her
I just looked her in her eyes
And I could tell that she was sober

That's a problem, bought some bottles
We started blowin' and pourin'
She got to bouncin' and twerkin', my **** it start gettin' hard
The lights and 'em got 'em movin' my **** it start glistening' hard

Told *****s that got to lookin' I'm muggin' them *****es hard
Already smoked about a half of that **** I was trippin' hard
So I made sure my *****s was straight
And kept her goin'

First night! Watch this ***** do it every time
First night! Probably get to even let my ***** get a try
First night! Oh come on suck it I know it's your first time
First night! I just hit 'em and forget 'em I ain't lyin'! [Repeat: x 2]

Ugly hoes stand wide bad *****es come and talk to me
I don't really talk a lot a **** my appearance talk for me
I don't like relationships 'cause I dun really wanna fuss
I love me thighs and hips to grip when I be cuttin' some

Me, I'm quick to nothin' some
I know you clowns trippin' out
Until you find out that it's yo ***** mouth I'm talkin' bout
Real feel this **** 'cause

On the beach just chillin' out
Six puerto Rican hoochies just me, Boosie, and Rick Ross
Bet a hundred on that Saints game
Kinda pissed off I just lost

She ate nuts I cheered up
***** feel her this ***** soft
I call soon as you go to work
I leave right when you get off

I stay there when you ain't home
I'm the ***** behind them prank calls
I **** hoes, I touch them, I'm out ****, I'm bout that
I count toes, I flow hoes, I slang hoes, these skank hoes

Head first, a for sure, and bread first, a no no
To the room after my show, don't wanna go then don't worry

[Chorus: x 2]

I met a cutie with a booty, and she was kinda groovy
She woulda gave it to me if I took her to the movies (Yup!)
Then I met Pam, straight out of Birmingham
She says she wasn't a fan but she did the whole fam (Yup!)

Can't forget Ashley, yea she get nasty
Chopped her on campus right before she changed classes (Yup!)
Freaks by the bundle, yea they act humble
But when they let the liquor in em, **** they will rumble

When I work that lumber, big cucumber
Hit you and forget you, you's a one hit wonder
When I work that lumber, big cucumber
Hit you and forget you, you's a one hit wonder

But if you work it good you can leave me your number
Hit the bedroom and make it shake like thunder
That girl *** phat but yours much more plumper
Girl don't waste a minute go on lemme hit it on that

[Chorus: x 2]

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