Redman feat. E3 Fire Lyrics

Red Gone Wild: Thee Album Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fire
  • 2 Bak Inda Buildin
  • 3 Put It Down
  • 4 Gimmie One
  • 5 Fuck Ur Opinion (skit)
  • 6 Sumtn 4 Urrbody
  • 7 How U Like Dat
  • 8 Freestyle Feestyle
  • 9 Walk in Gutta
  • 10 Wutchoogonnado
  • 11 Dis Iz Brick City
  • 12 Rite Now
  • 13 Blow Treez
  • 14 Pimp Nutz
  • 15 Mr. Ice Cream Man (skit)
  • 16 Hold Dis Blaow!
  • 17 Get 'Em
  • 18 Merry Jane
  • 19 Gilla House Check
  • 20 No Mo Soopaman Luva (skit)
  • 21 Soopaman Luva 6
  • 22 Soopaman Luva 6 ½
  • 23 Suicide
  • Yeah
    (I can feel your fire)
    When you *****s feel cold and your flows ain't got it no more *****?!
    (I can feel your fire)
    Yeah *****, you know what it is *****, Gilla House *****
    Yo check me out yo yo yo

    Red gone wild, more stunts than a fog I
    A buncha wild drunk *****s yellin' raw ha!!
    While you tryna get your weight up, but we on fire
    Gilla House don't die, leave da spot bone dry
    I want it all, are and E-D-M-A
    N, **** the semi
    A little henny in me
    It's like ya black hawk down
    I blast like a skinny
    Roll up ta the jam and party like little Penny
    My watch ain't for showin' time, it's for show and tell
    And I got it for sellin' dimes on A-O-L
    I'm off the hook, lookin' young, you gray as hell
    You off the hook cause punk you ain't pay your bills
    Redman, a truth *****, put my name on it
    Gilla House, die harder than John McClane on it
    I'm smokin' sour diesel, gettin' head on my couch
    From a chick that resemble Rosie Perez in the mouth
    Simon Says swallow it ma, (Knock) don't spit it out
    Y'all got fat, I got a plan for y'all slimmin' down
    I ain't playin' no games *****, I'm a take it there
    Break it there, Visine your block, till I make it clear, *****?!

    (I can feel your fire)
    When you *****s gettin' cold and your flows ain't got it no more you like
    (I can feel your fire)
    Brick city on my back, Doc Grizzley on the track, have ya hood sayin'
    (I can feel your fire)
    East coast, west coast, down south, world wide, everybody like
    (I can feel your fire)
    Welcome me back like Carter, welcome back the father
    Keep it gutta, your problems, *****!

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