B-Real Fire Lyrics

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[Intro: Damian Marley]
Yahhhhhhh~! Junior Gong and B-Real
Pepper, pepper, pepper!
A wot dem feel like?
Come on!

Straight up we set the fire we blaze 'em and do it properly
Sonically all we need is the honesty and the Cali weed
Roll up the sensei when you want to break up insanity
Hit it and pass it and we blazin all of humanity
(BLAZE IT UP!) Then we never care about what you say to us
(BLAZE IT UP!) Everywhere we go we takin the strain with us
(BLAZE IT UP!) All the mamis in the club wanna blaze with us
(BLAZE IT UP!) All you fuckin haters remain hatin us
We grow the kush so freely, from dirt up to the ceiling
I know you want the feeling, you need some herbal healing
We flip it in the Valley, out here in Southern Cali
I know you fuckers envy, B-Real and Mr. Marley

[Chorus 2X: Damian Marley]
(Fire fire fire fire fi-yah)
(Fire fire fire fire fi-yah)
Analog or digitally, spiritual and physically
Metaphor or literally, in the street or lyrically

[change last line first Chorus: "Metaphor or literally... Call in the cavalry"

[Damian Marley]
Some little wannabe wanna come walkin on mi Wallabee
Wanna follow me, but dem prove to be too weak and wobbly
Flashily flashin lyrics who dat leave dem in a tragedy
Truth and factually it actually come to us naturally
(BLAZE IT UP!) Anytime, anyplace and no apology
(BLAZE IT UP!) An' next some bwoy near become reality
(BLAZE IT UP!) Squeeze up toward da in US technology
(BLAZE IT UP!) Puff puff and move de fuck off me and casually
Gong originally, Mr. B-Reality
I'm takin trips to Cali, more now than typically
Just a specifically, get a good spliff of Cali
I keep it, you keep it, we keep it BLAZIN!!!


[B-Real] *
Te quemo con en el fuego mira mami este no es juego
Ven aca por que me gusta lo que estas haciendo
Una toque y seguro que mi mota es puro
Y te lo juro yo que subo cuando hueles el humo, VAMOS!
(BLAZE IT UP!) In the club or on the corner don't play with us
(BLAZE IT UP!) In the limo shut the window and break it up
(BLAZE IT UP!) If you try to take it from me it's dangerous
(BLAZE IT UP!) In Jamaica no mistakin the ganja bus
Believe the kush is sticky, and all the fiends are tricky
The pigs be comin quickly; they can come and get me
Watch me smoke out the city, let's see who's comin with me
The bong'll make you dizzy, it's Gong and Mr. Brizzy


[repeat 4X]
Fire fire fire fire fi-yah
Thanks to Lucero Rodriguez for submitting Fire Lyrics.

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