Ed Cash Fire Cracker Boy Lyrics

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And he lay his head down on the pillow
After a hard day at play
His limbs were weeping like a willow tree
He knows not how much he has to say
It was two days before his birthday
A day before the fourth of July
The excitement of the small town parade
Left him as his body tried to stay awake

He was a fire cracker boy
Dreaming about all his new toys
And the love his family had
A fire cracker boy
Surrounded by tremendous joy
Shining eyes were in this lad
His dad new how to treat him right
His momma did the same thing and held him tight
And they made sure this boy had all the tools
To stay away from the rules of the fool
Talk about a purpose
This boy he did it on
I've never seen this kind of talent
He comes on strong
But you know he'll be alright
As he heads on to that Golden Light


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