Saukrates Fineline Lyrics

The Underground Tapes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Can't Touch Us
  • 3 Money or Love
  • 4 Bag Da Biscuit
  • 5 Da Professional
  • 6 Keep It Movin'
  • 7 Innovations (remix)
  • 8 Fineline
  • 9 Play Dis 99"
  • 10 Body Language
  • 11 Check for Me
  • 12 Ultimate Rush
  • 13 Rollin'
  • 14 Suga Daddy
  • 15 Bag Da Biscuit (Ain't Nuttin But A...)
  • 16 Vietnam
  • 17 Killed or Be Killed
  • 18 Ay, Ay, Ay.
  • As mighty a man you've ever seen spitting amphetamine
    To all those congested, my job raw never clean
    A toast to the uncontested, murderer
    I mark your mistake as soon as you're rested, I heard of ya
    Unattended for your double breasted, bulletproof vest kid
    Time is money well invested, burning your press kit
    Ya HEARD me, chic-ow, bless it and pass it leftwards
    Never protested, the living proof manifested
    Winkled your face, you better press it, menage-a-trois
    Put fist in thought, care to test it? If you dare I swear
    Motionless, I throw a stare in the eyes of uncommon wise soldier
    Rise like Nike, shares growing older, snowball effect to snow boulder
    Show you love *****, I'm iceberg with cold shoulder
    No time for your manic, hazy rap attack partner
    Future darker than black permanent black... marker
    I part you from existence on solid ground
    Only twelve inch but long distance, that's all I frown
    Is we hell or is we heaven bound?
    I bomb the target without a sound
    Ain't nobody left around to hear it
    Sipping fine wine and spirits on summer days
    By the South Pacific, cheddar sound better when specific
    Cheddar look better when explicit
    Cheddar get better when statistics rise like mama biscuits
    All 'n all, I'm having fun with gun
    'Cause world gave me gun, detonate the shells with my tongue
    I'm young plus I'm well hung
    Threat to intellect, also got your prize possession sprung
    I ride the fine line between yours and mine, check the design
    Bre-X cats wondering how rhyme turn sublime
    Peep my shines coming from behind
    I'm high beaming in your rear view
    Get out the left lane before I steer through
    Ain't even trying to hear you
    It was important 'til you thought I feared you
    Naw, loosen your bra *****
    Never rest until I'm considered, the high exalted
    Even then I'll still be bitter, sipping on malted
    Through the speech, now it's time to walk it
    This potent poet, who only spit it if he know it
    Prefer to show it to the hardest of hip hop artist
    If you a baby making baby, finish what you started and be a MAN
    God damn, resort to plan be sucking on candy
    For delicate procedure, no time for leisure
    The fine line between yours and mine, freak the design
    Bre-X cats wondering how rhyme turn sublime
    Peep my shines coming from behind
    I'm high beaming in your rear view, CRASH
    I stop at nothing, my blood stream pumping nothing but utter destruction
    Towards cats I describe in this rap production
    Suffering from mal concussions, you head bangers catching repercussion
    First impression had you lustin'
    Now the name Saukrates ringing more than bells
    Double X-L quote me well, bringing the future
    Double X-L quite me well, bringing the future
    You want to poise for the portrait, here let me shoot you

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