Classified Find Out Lyrics

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Find Out, Find Out Find Out, Find Out [Classified:] Whats Goin On? [Chorus: X2] (You Gonna Find Out) Sooner Or Later (You Gonna Find Out) Are You Ready For This? (You Gonna Find Out) Tell Em'who It Is (Your Gonna Find Out) Put Your Hands Up Man Up Look Up Find Out Cut Through The Rope Nope Not Stayin Tied Down Gone For A Minute Yup Back On The Grind Now Thought I Was Finished Nope Not Jerry Seinfeld Whos This? Guess Who Back To Stay Get More Use Outta Class Than A Plastic Bag Moms Still Lookin At Me Like Act Your Age Cuz Friday And Saturday Im About To Trash The Place I Don't Facinate I Live It Thats It I Even Bought A House Over Writin Rap Shit But Dont Get It Twisted I Aint That Rich Cuz Im Payin'off The Loan Till Im In A Casket Country Boy Move Out To The City Life Back To Tha Sticks Wit The Family And Minibikes No Things Change I Spit Rhymes Nicest This Games Givin Me A Mid Life Chrisis [Chorus] This Whole Thing Failed To Amaze Me Since The 80's This Hip Hop Thing Basicly Raidsed Me The Lately Ev
eryones Gun Is Off Saftey What Happened To The Culture Breakers And The Break Beats When I Was 18 I Never Cared To Make Green I'd Write Rhymes And Turn This Day Job Into A Daydream And Now A Day Its All Changing Guess Im Growin'up Cuz I Wonder What The F*Ck Are We Raising Used To Be A Culture Now Its All A Hustle Used To Flex Skill Now We Flex Biceps Ive Flipped Flow You Aint Tried Yet Make You Expect The Unexpected Sit And Get Your Mindset I Call The Shot I Talk The Talk And Im A Dieing Breed Thats Still Tring To Eat First Im A Mc First (Always) Buisness Last That Probaby Why I Made No Real Cash As Class [Chorus] Now I Dont Hate Gangster Rap Till Someone Faked A Jack Trying To Glorify It With Hopes In Makin Cash Steal From A Culture And Never Pay It Back Hate Repeatin Myself But I Gotta State The Facts Most Kids Know That Its An Entertainment Purpose 10% Dont Wanna Be That Person Wanan Sell Drugs Hold Guns (?) Buy Blades Waste Money Rob People Get Dough I Know Things Change And Im Fine With That Bu
t Now Where Gettin Judged On The Crimeswe Did Or The Dimes We Hit Or The Lines We Snitch We Used To Get Propd For The Lines We Spit [Chorus]

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