Glampire Finally Arrived Lyrics

The Beginning of Terror Track Listing
  • 1 The Grey Light Of Pre-Dawn
  • 2 Our Drugs
  • 3 Punishment Of Memory
  • 4 Numb And Blind
  • 5 The Heart Lives Hungrily
  • 6 Bow Down
  • 7 I Know This Feeling
  • 8 Harder Than Any Enemy
  • 9 Slave to My Fate
  • 10 Finally Arrived
  • So afraid of me and what I thought I could do
    But I said goodbye to all my fears
    I hope you can do the same my dear

    I finally said goodbye to you and your ghost
    It really means goodbye, when you miss your anger the most
    You know it kept me warm
    Oh so warm, so warm inside
    You know it fed my pride - - ooh ooh
    You know it fed my pride
    But I finally arrived - And I'm alive
    Now that I said good good bye, yeah
    To years of insecure hurt
    I have learned the secret is to just let go

    Can you just let go?
    Let Go

    Took everything for granted
    Left you bereft of all your love
    Ate at your wellspring of youth
    Gorged like a whore at feast
    Slept like a baby next to demons and beasts
    But I said goodbye - I finally arrived
    How do you like me like that, like a kitty kat or something brand new

    Yes I finally arrived
    No more hating inside
    Yes something brand new
    And I finally arrived
    Yes I said goodbye
    To everything I hate about me inside
    Goodbye, Goodbye
    So long, yeah
    So long

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