Rihanna Final Goodbye Lyrics

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I never should of waited so long to say
What I've always known since the very first day
Thought that you would stay forever with me
But the time has come to leave

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes
I'll tell you a secret I've held all my life
Its you that I live for, and for you I die
So I'll Lay here with you til the final goodbye

Hold, draw me close, close to my lips
Listen intently as I tell you this
Outside the world wages its wars,
I'll rest in peace as long as you know


Promise you our love will carry on
Until you turn eternal, we belong


His respectful lips for the last time
And spell out the lyrics to love in the sky
Its you that I live for and for you I die
So I'll lay here with you till the final goodbye


Written by: Curtis Aaron Richardson, Charlene Marita Gilliam, Luke Mcmaster
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Spirit Music Group

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