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The Unseen Lyrics

Dream about how it would be to shoot up out of reality
No more pain just ecstasy would it help me struggle with sanity
I've got enough bad habits
I won't become an addict
So I sit and dwell in this living hell
How much longer can it last yah

Is Armageddon our evolution
No survivors no solution

Disgusted and unhappy but trying to find peace
Trying to escape what seems like endless misery
I want some peace and quiet away from all of you
Well I try so hard to get away but there's nothing I can do no

Is Armageddon our evolution
No survivors no solution

Time flies by so fast
I wonder when it all will crash
Worlds explode when evils clash
Nothing left but dust and ash now

It's the final execution
No more murder - no prostitution
No more crime - No more nations
No more rape it's Armageddon

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