Union 13 Final Approach Lyrics

East Los Presents... Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Who Are You?
  • 2 Regrets
  • 3 Fuck Society
  • 4 Bonded as One
  • 5 Todo es una política
  • 6 Burócrata estafador
  • 7 Children Stories
  • 8 Falling Down
  • 9 Country Full of Lies
  • 10 I Can't Stand It Anymore
  • 11 Govierno podrido
  • 12 Realidad
  • 13 Over the Hill
  • 14 Government
  • 15 State of Concious
  • 16 Un muro por cruzar
  • 17 Ronalds Fuckhouse
  • 18 Final Approach

  • we're standing in the back of the line
    And our time is running out.
    There's nothing that we can do, 'cause we're living our
    Lives with illusions and false hopes.

    we're the target of society
    We're the target of all governments
    We're the target of just about everyone
    I confess to no less, it's our final approach,
    The final approach is here!

    Oh,oh,oh...! oh,oh,oh...

    As we're getting older, it's hard for us to believe
    That we end up doing, the same exact things.
    We don't believe this country stand for freedom
    The only thing we see is a cell for you and me
    We are all prisoners of war living the illusion of hope!


    [Repeat first verse]

    [End with chorus]

    Written by: Benjamin Sandoval, Edward Ramon Escoto, Gerardo Navarro, Jose Mercado, Louie Robert Villareal
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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