Hatebreed Filth Lyrics

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I won't celebrate your genocide and I won't consume your lies,
And you cannot deny how your selfish ways kill and ruin innocent lives,
People have been exploited,
People have been killed, humanity has been raped and still I see no cure.

I won't consume your filth.
Filth is what you know, filth is what you consume,
Filth is all you know,
I'm gonna take you out.

I can justify your suffering,
Can you justify theirs?
You degrade and destroy life as we know it to profit at any cost.
I won't consume!

I won't take part!
I cannot and I won't,
I won't consume your filth!
Under the Knife Track Listing
7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Smash Your Enemies
  • 2 Kill an Addict
  • 3 Under the Knife
  • 4 Filth

  • Written by: James Shanahan

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