Major Accident Fight to Win Lyrics

Massacred Melodies / A Clockwork Legion Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Schizophrenic
  • 2 (Standing on the) Sidelines
  • 3 Last Night
  • 4 Psycho
  • 5 People
  • 6 Terrorist Gang
  • 7 Warboots
  • 8 Mr. Nobody
  • 9 Self Appointed Hero
  • 10 That's You
  • 11 Brides of the Beast
  • 12 Classified Information
  • 13 Middle Class Entertainment
  • 14 Clockwork Toys
  • 15 Respectable
  • 16 Twisted Mind
  • 17 Affliction
  • 18 Cue the Dead
  • 19 Leaders of Tomorrow
  • 20 A Clockwork Legion
  • 21 Sorry (We Can't Help You)
  • 22 Fight to Win
  • 23 Vendetta

  • Up against the glass, one word to sign
    Each line branded by conformity
    Sign your name, don't sign away your pride
    They're so blind that they will never see

    They will never walk half as tall as us
    They will never make us feel small
    The faces in the glass that we'll never trust
    We'll fight with our backs against the wall

    Can't work away this tension in my head
    Nothing can be done, can be said
    Shut the door to another life
    Keep on trying till you find the light

    They say that dying's hard
    But life is harder still
    Have to fight for what you want
    Have to fight for what you will
    They say that death is strange
    But life is stranger still
    Have to fight for what you want
    Gotta fight fight fight to win

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