Patterson Hood Fifteen Days (Leaving Time Again) Lyrics

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Fifteen days 'til I get back home
Locked the door and throw away that phone
I'm always under but I never move on

Hush little baby close your eyes
Hurt's the price for being alive
Hearing your sweet voice on the line
Come fill these empty arms of mine

Something's coming up in the bus windshield
Flocks of birds cause an open field
Gonna take a picture to share to the kids
Just can't capture how big the sky is

Fifteen days 'til I get back home
I chased around the beverage some
I never spend weeks since the last passed through
But I'll try to make it up to you

I'm gonna try to make it up to you
Gonna do the best that I can do
Strech each day across the rim
Until it's leaving time again

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