Warrant Feels Good Lyrics

Belly to Belly, Volume 1 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In the End
  • 2 Feels Good
  • 3 Letter to a Friend
  • 4 A.Y.M.
  • 5 Indian Giver
  • 6 Falling Down
  • 7 Interlude #1
  • 8 Solid
  • 9 All 4 U
  • 10 Coffee House
  • 11 Interlude #2
  • 12 Vertigo
  • 13 Room With a View
  • 14 Nobody Else
  • Take everything that I own
    My destination's unknown
    If I started to yell
    Could you even tell
    would it do any good
    Mr. Misunderstood
    I'm not asking for change
    I know it sounds strange

    But it feels kind of good
    Feeling this bad
    I'm invincible
    At my all time low
    And it feels good
    yeah, feleing this bad

    I'm at the end of my rope
    I just remembered a joke
    Have you heard the one
    About the one I've become

    Written by: Charles Dixon, Cheryline Ernistine Lim, Emile Ghantous, Gregg Pagani, Jason Gill

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