Nerina Pallot Feelings deep Lyrics

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Feelings Deep by Godfray Amy (copy right)

'Feeligs Deep'
Lyric by Godfray Amy

set to music by Wolfgang Janz

Got these feelings deep inside me that no one understands
building up inside me even I don't understand
Why she chose to love me when I treated her so bad
Why we're still together no good times have we had.

Can't stand the pressure man best be on my own
just me and my old guitar on the road alone
I know I'll have to leave her and head off out of town
Not even let her know I've gone or know how it is

These feelings deep inside me that's so hard to understand
that build up inside me even I don't understand
I'm not the type to settle down and work from nine to five
I need to feel free and loose in order to survive.

.....repeat last two verses.....
Thanks to Godfray Amy. godshe@ for submitting Feelings deep Lyrics.

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