Van Halen Feelin' Lyrics

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Outta touch most the time
Gotta lotta things on my mind
Kickin' down, where to start
It's the hardest thing
Grow it long, shave it off
Life is hard, never soft
I need a change, I need it quick
Before it makes me sick
That's what's on my mind
Pay attention, watch your back
Pay your dues, stay on track
Got no room to second-guess
Puts me under stress
If I were you, you were me
I wonder who I'd want to be
With just one wish you can't refuse
I wouldn't know what to choose
Feelin', don't like what I've been
Told I'm feelin'
Feelin' what no one else will ever
Know I'm feelin'
Now black is white and white is
Got politicians smokin' crack
And John Paul's all bullet-proofed
It puts me through the roof
I were you and you were me
I wonder who I'd rather be
If I had one wish I'd take it
Feelin'...oh, I don't like what I've been
Told I'm feelin'
And I'm seein'
What no one else will ever know I'm
Come on, feelin'
Hey, I don't understand these things
I'm feelin'
Outta touch most all the time
Too many things on my mind
Shuttin' down, gotta stop this thing
Feelin', I don't like what I've been
Told I'm feelin'
I'm no one else will
Ever know I'm bleeding
Dealin'...I'm dealin' with these things
I'm feelin'
I'm dreamin', I'm dreamin', I'm
Dreamin' things that show me what
I'm seein'
Seein'...I'm seein' things that I don't
Know I'm feelin'
I've been feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin'
Things that I don't know
I don't know, I don't know what I'm
Hey, I don't understand

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