Cece Winans Feel th Sprirt Lyrics

Intro-Everytime i feel the spirit moving in my heart,i will pray...... Everytime i... Feel the spirit moving in my heart,i will pray.

Helele mama x2 woza moya.
Helele mama x2 oyingwale.
Helele mama x2 woza moya
helele mama x2 Oyingwale.

Solo1-Time to escape all of ur pain.
Leave all ur worries Never to find again.
I no a safe,place u can hide.
Where only love & peace will abide.

Chorus-Come on everybody,feel the spirit it feels good.
(it feels good)
lift ur heads,clap ur hands & feel joyful.
Come on everybody feel the spirit it feels good.(it feels good)
its urs,its free,go ahead,dance n jump n move.
(Oh come on everybody oh oh oh x9)

Solo 2- A great place to go,designed with u in mind.
So dnt be a stranger, you can live there all the time.
In order to get there u dnt have 2 travel far.
Pray without ceasing and it will where u are.
(repeat chorus x2)

Bridge- Adlip come on everybody oh ooh.
Til music fades.
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