White Zombie Feed the Gods Lyrics

She's a zombie baby
Dead ringer in my head
And now we're rollin'
We're empty playin'

Hey yeah, like a zombie breathin'
Hey yeah, been thinkin' of your life
Hey yeah, like a desert monkey
Hey yeah, We go down inside

Like a creep or solar center
Ooh, a dirty little sister
Wow, I'm gonna kill it
I'm gonna kill it, damn (dead?)

Freak out and feed the gods
Do you know what it means to feel like god?
Creep on the wheels of love,
Do you know what it means to feel like god?

Hey hey yeah, like your hands on my back and
Hey hey yeah, be a bigman or bleed
Hey hey yeah, like a days last moment
Hey hey yeah, give me what I, I need

To suck up and give out
Oh, a dark creep lover
I'm gonna kill it
I'm gonna kill it yeah


Get a load of this
Gonna get away
One hell beast shot over me
In another life
Gonna break you
Down, smash all over me
Yeah, gonna bleed from life
A Shrapnel wound
I wasn't made to suffer, huh!
Shootin' on the run
Gonna wreck 'em
Yo, you can't just dump 'em


Hey yeah, It's alone in my head
Hey yeah, and I think of the past
Hey yeah, I'm a dirty mouth
Hey yeah, because I'm alive and

Yeah, I'm only people's sole ***assin
Oh, a dirty little witch
I'm gonna kill it,
I'm gonna kill it, yeah.

Written by: Jay Noel Yuenger, Phil Buerstatte, Rob Zombie, Rob Wolfgang Zombie, Shauna Yseult Reynolds
Lyrics © FOX MUSIC, INC.

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