Randy Feebleness Lyrics

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Some people tries to tell me that im to blind to see, but they don't know nothing, nothing about me. yeah, im a lazy person and it may seem like i don't care, but io really wanna make things better, better everywhere.Its like a permanent headache, a claim that i can't stake a feebleness so total it makes everything the same. and when im out of hopes and dreams there's nothing left of me just a empty shell and a sould full of grief. i don't need their bullshit and i don't need their fear i don't need their system, i don't wanna end up here. i won't walk on blindly on their narrow, stupid path, im waiting and i had enough of this shit i need a dream that lasts, not a .... one thing im sure of, i don't wanna work it seems so stupid to me, to do something i hate so much i wanna enjoy the little time that i got. it makes the same what i think and what i say nobody listens anyway

Ska Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Tv-Freak
  • 2 Raw Butt Jim
  • 3 Feebleness
  • 4 Trepidated Oaf
  • 5 Grouch
  • 6 The Pigs Are Not Dead
  • 7 [untitled]
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