Saigon Favorite Things Lyrics

Warning Shots Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Favorite Things
  • 3 Let a Nigga Know
  • 4 Come Again
  • 5 Stocking Cap
  • 6 NY Streetz
  • 7 Papi (35 a Gram)
  • 8 L.O.V.E.
  • 9 Huh Mama
  • 10 We Want In
  • 11 Kiss the Babies
  • 12 Pop Quiz (Multiple Choice)
  • 13 Yes
  • 14 If... (My Mommy)
  • 15 Drama Hour (freestyle)
  • 16 Shok TV
  • 17 DJ Absolut (freestyle)
  • 18 Whookid (freestyle)

  • (feat. DJ KaySlay)
    [DJ Kay Slay:] Holler at your boy, Saigon, set this shit off!
    [Chorus: Saigon]
    Me when I'm rhymin', remarkable timin'
    Shorty's with brown eyes that sparkle like diamonds
    Us in the park when we played on the swings
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Hagglin' couches, necklaces and watches
    Brethren that got no respect for the coppers
    My cousin Face who was placed in the bing
    These are a few of my favortite things
    Your favorite
    Favorite music...rap
    Favorite jail...Nap', it taught me how to scrap
    Favorite gun...Glock
    Favorite rapper...Pac
    And that wasn't even till after homie shot the cops
    Your favorite girl...Joy
    Favorite fighter...Roy
    It used to be Mike till he got knocked out by old boy
    Favorite food...Pizza
    Favortie singer...Alicia
    Her and this lil chick in my hood named Tanequa
    Your favorite car...X-5
    Body part...teta
    Favorite date...the day Carl Nino said I'm the next Nas
    Favorite thug...ya kiddin'
    Favorite song..."The Ghetto" by Rakim
    Ya heard the shit that brother was spittin'?
    Favorite club...Speed
    Favorite drug...weed
    Indeed, like "J" say, "That's all I need"
    Favorite movie..."Drum"
    Favorite groupie...Ummmmm
    Truly son there's a whole bunch of thum

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