Goodie Mob Father Time Lyrics

Age Against the Machine Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 U Don’t Know What You Got (intro)
  • 2 State of the Art (Radio Killa)
  • 3 Power
  • 4 Silence… The New Hate (interlude)
  • 5 I’m Set
  • 6 Valleujah
  • 7 Pinstripes
  • 8 Special Education
  • 9 Ghost of Gloria Goodchild
  • 10 Kolors
  • 11 Come as You Are
  • 12 Nexperience
  • 13 The Both of Me
  • 14 Balls (interlude)
  • 15 Amy
  • 16 Understanding
  • 17 Uncle Red’s Interlude
  • 18 Father Time
  • Don't think about it just do it
    I'm your daddy, son

    Get the patriot founded for a father
    Initiator the full bearer your predecessor
    The architect and now Arthur I sponge you son
    And fold your hand daddy ought to clear your mind
    Used to stick your chest out son cause I was your father
    Gave you pride about your south side cos I was your father
    Use to listen to the tape pop and roll your quarter
    Let me slow down and state some fact
    I put coal in my mouth they used to call me jars
    I'm in the 84 legs with the jaws
    Dodging family...100 Gs
    Who you thinking big brothers baby wanna be

    But I've been inspired in it
    Set the standards for griming intellectual niggers
    Sothern realist they flow so deliberate
    Boy killing me and out the new under the sun
    Sit back listen I tell you how the south was won
    With big guns, deep pockets and hard heads
    Every go prison threads
    Never scared raised the bar why you so detailed
    Goodie Mob, Illuminati?
    What the hell?
    If anything why you pout your ass up on k
    Get the food for your soul and nourished your brain
    I remember no one is falling on December as I ...
    As I notice a simple apparel
    Of different characters in the matrix they were learning
    I'm your papi I'm the reason you were rapping
    I got no time for napping you still have...
    You asking me what happened
    The music ain't the same
    Open up your brains and we go back to the pains
    The facts still remain be careful with the chain
    Then we got you through the pain and
    And we made it out the rain
    We're artist, we're teachers
    We're leaders, we're soldiers
    Country faded, completely killing my son
    I f I can catch the wrath they're stealing my son
    To me got my own life I am willing my son
    Yeah I remember stalling the I saw them stealing my gun
    Before I started building my son I was stealing for crime
    Can't tell the difference on how I was feeling
    The four walls, the floor and the ceiling
    And right outside the front door the kids were killing for fun
    And he had a room with a view
    And a couple of times he saw his daddy go outside and have some fun too
    But let's be clear I'm not your peer in this gear
    I am hard, I'm smart, I'm spotted
    I am your father

    Written by: Thomas Callaway, Cameron F. Gipp, Willie Edward Knighton, Robert Terrance Barnett, Kannon Cross, Corey Simon

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