Jack White Farm Fly Blues Lyrics

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Spider got eight legs and
I got two
This guitar got six strings
What about you, well, what do you got,
Did you get for free?

You gotta get all your things together, girl
And make sure to give'em all to me

Stone or rock ain't movin'
Neither is a tree
And that may be good for you girl,
But it ain't good for me, I'm rolling
Yeah, I'm takin' what I need for free

You still got to get it all together
Put it in the trunk of my car
And I'm gonna take it all with me

What do you got that I ain't got?
What I wanna know:
Can I get a piece of it?
A piece before you go?
Yeah, give it all, girl

Yeah, shove it right down my throat
Oh, yes, I got one last thing to say to you
Have you seen my coat?

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