Bart Baker Fancy Parody Lyrics

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First things first I'm a white chick

[Random kid:] Wait,what?

[Iggy:] The whole world was confused when they learned this

[Random kid:] She's not black?

[Iggy:] And I sound just like Niki Minaj if she swallowed down testosterone pills mixed with hot sause

[Random kid:] True.

[Iggy:] If you wanna get rap famous
Act dirty South and heh like this:
Parody a movie like
Clueless and then shake your abnormally large for white girl hips

[Random kid:] You a fake, give Niki her style back!

[Random kid:] You look like Gwen Stefani had sex with Riff Raff

Iggy You be trippin' got that hood swag

[The class:] You're from Australia! Stop acting black!

[Charli:] No one knows me just some random chick they found on the street to sing this obnoxious chorus.

My name's Charli.
No I am not Lorde!
We just look the same.

[Random kid:] I am a huge fan of Royals!

[Charli:] I am not Lorde!

[Iggy:] I said make a music vid based on the film Clueless
It's the most time I've spent in school
The truth is I am retarted, High school I Departed
That's why my tweets are ignorant and racist garbage
If you're Asian fix your weird eyes
Mexicans are dirty and wide.

And I swear meant that there so much
I'm gonna tweet two more times
If you don't speak English, Eat shit
All the black people get arrested speaking of which
I look like Marion Wayans from the flick: White chicks

Now tell me Who dat, who dat
that is half and half
From the waist up I am White,
but from the ass down I'm black

I be that I-C-C-Y wrote it with crayon
I can't spell because my IQ is negative ten

[Charli:] Just like Iggy
I'm stupit also.
Think there's a highway from LA to Tokyo?

[Teacher:] There's an ocean

[Charli:] Can you drive on it?

[Teacher:] You must be jokin' this is why they tell kids to go to college.

[Iggy:] Who-who-who-who dat? Who dat?

[Teacher:] I-G-G-Y
That is your name, spell that!

[Iggy:] I-E-T-Y?

[Teacher:] No! Spell that,spell that!

[Iggy:] H-R-T-5?

[Teacher:] Noooooooooooo o-o-o!

[Iggy:] Who-who-who dat, who dat?

[Teacher:] Albert Einstein!

[Iggy:] Who dat? Who dat?

[Teacher:] You're kidding me, right?

[Iggy:] Who-who-who-who dat, who dat?

[Teacher:] I told you three times!
How the hell are you so goddamn slow?

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