Tech N9ne feat. Big Krizz Kaliko & T‐Nutty Fan or Foe Lyrics

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Ay ay, ain't that the nigga Tech N9ne ?

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Back up wait a minute, why you lookin' at me like that?
Do you really wanna trip or you flippin' the script
Do you wanna rap with a nigga are we bangin' suwoop in the whip?
I don't ever want us to come to bussin' off shots
Nigga misery can't produce enough cops
And I, don't know if you wildin' or what
All you wanna do is freestyle in the cut
Fan or foe, (foe) I don't really know, (know)
Off at the show, (show) niggas they know, (know)
What I look like was a good night
Now it's lookin' like a motherfucker
Wanna jack all me dough (dough)
Come up to me; my kids and me chillin'
Better think twice I'm a 56 Villian
But they wanna talk about a ditty, when I did it
Man, I thought I was about to get a bullet in a minute
You should be careful how you walk up on us
Got a bonus for all opponents, if they want it
I know they wait for Tecca Nina moments
Fan of foe they be poppin' up it, hit you don't it?
We don't know if they be trippin' or not
Probably cause all of us live on the block
When you rappin' niggas want what you got
Tough as ever when you up on the top
Show some respect when you approach me
Don't you be muggin' me
Might have that drug in me
Pluggin' a nigga for merely shruggin' me
Ain't nothin' wrong with people peepin'
Geekin' whether man or ho
But a grammer so bamber stammer
I don't know if you fan or foe!

[Hook] (2X)
If he trippin', we can go
Peepin' like he seekin' dough
Wanna throw or wanna flow
I don't know, if you fan or foe (3x)
Easy how you speakin', bro
I don't know, if you fan or foe

[Verse 2: T-Nutty]
Now be easy how you speakin', bro
T-Nutty the young floheakin' though, don't be chokin'
Show your ass and you'll be walkin' off with it broken
Run up on motherfuckers in the open
Makin' shut up they with that ho shit
Cut the shenanigans, nigga you fakers are manikins
Thinkin' you slicker than lotion?
Back up wait a minute, why you lookin' at me like that?
I'm just a nigga with a little bit of fame
But if you get to trippin', you can get it out my gang
Never catch me slippin', you can get it out your brain
Mayne, fan or foe, sucker nigga tryin' to get his hands on my dough
But if you really wanna be the one to try to, get on it
You can be the opponent chokin' with hands in your throat
Man, I'm a loc, one to pack round from sac-town
Better watch out for the blow-blow
Blackout, blackout, blackout, blackout, brrah
Stay with my killers that be knockin' noodles
Wakin' the game up like a cock-a-doodle
Think you gon' catch me slippin' at show
Nutt factors lookin' like they shock a zooloo, I see through you
With all the fake shit, you feel one hatred
Hopin' and wishin' you was my replacement
Comin' so vicious, you gon' have to face it
And try to taste it
Cause I laced it like a tennis shoe when I been a foo
Like C-Bo, Lynch and X-Raided but this is a different interview
(Back us up nigga)


[Verse 3: Krizz Kaliko]
It may not be a bad idea if I never go home again
Cause niggas lookin' at me like I'ma chicken dinner
I'm lookin' back at niggas, like I'm Shauntay Henderson
Are you a foe (foe) so I gotta carry the fo', (fo')
I think they recognize me I don't really know though
Cause they walkin' up fast and givin' me doubt
And when they pass me ask me
"When yo new shit come out?"
(Me and my dawgs) at the pictures house
And they be huddled up and got me thinkin' pick one out
I pick the nigga bigger than me, pull the trigga to see
If he tough enough make 'em what he tryin' to be
But he a fan though, don't know how to approach ya, vulture
Get to close how I posed ta
(Posed ta know the difference from fan or foe when you muggin' though
Can't even live in peace and when I eat with my peeps in the place
You in my face with yo mixtapes
And if I ain't tryin' ta listen to it we get into it
If I'm offa that fluid then it's time to do it)
Cause a nigga from out south out the mouth
Yo girl be lovin' me, givin' me mouth to mouth
And it ain't fair that the music got her doin'
What she wanna do when you ain't there
And you too salty softly
When you see me out you betta get up off me
(If ya girl actin' a ho I'll turn a fan ta foe.)


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