Chevelle Family System Lyrics

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Oh oh oh,
Oh oh oh.
Oh oh oh!

I'm tired of your open mouth,
Crawling inside my skin,
And this play we never quit,
The fight within the cross begun,
Say that its too late,
When a man has gotta learn to hate (hate).


Forget the time I said never will,
Replace me with,
But never will,
Beyond the facts that are in your face,
Ignore the facts beyond your nose,
Said its to late,
When a man has gotta learn to hate.

Grow up!

Not without meaning,
No response,
Not a feeling.

Hu hu uh
Hu hu uh

Just grow up!


Uh reh!

Written by: Joseph Loeffler, Peter Loeffler, Samuel Loeffler
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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