Yukmouth feat. Do or Die Falling Lyrics

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Do or Die in this *****
Yes, do this for my soldiers (Do or Die)
What? I've had more up and downs then a roller coaster (what up yo)
**** but we gon' ball again
What? If I ever stop falling
I got so many hustlin' skills they can't **** wit me
Soon as I go broke, the next day I be havin' some paper, I'm that raw
Breakin' *****es, pullin' cases, robbin' *****s, selling drugs,
Rappin' and ****, whatever I gotta do

If I ever ball again, I know just what I'ma do
If I ever ball again, I'll never be losin'
If I ever start fallin', ever start fallin'
Someday I'm gon' ball again, someday I'm gon' ball again
If I ever start fallin', If I ever start fallin'
But I'm gon ball again, someday I'm gon ball again
*****, If I stop ballin', dig it, I better be on top again,
Drinkin' Henessy on the rocks again
Paper choppin' 10s and 20s with plenty of *****es up on my jock
My friends been born riders since the age of 10
I wanted a schwinn so I copped a schwinn
I wanted a benz so I copped a benz
I wanted to **** her partner friend so I got em up in a menage a trois
But the consequence them broads fell in love with each other
Left me up out the wind
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