Warrant Falling Down Lyrics

Belly to Belly, Volume 1 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In the End
  • 2 Feels Good
  • 3 Letter to a Friend
  • 4 A.Y.M.
  • 5 Indian Giver
  • 6 Falling Down
  • 7 Interlude #1
  • 8 Solid
  • 9 All 4 U
  • 10 Coffee House
  • 11 Interlude #2
  • 12 Vertigo
  • 13 Room With a View
  • 14 Nobody Else
  • I keep talking to myself, but the words
    Sound like some one else
    I'm ready to bleed all this ****
    From my veins
    I'm willing to plead for a cure
    To the pain
    And I am amazed that i'm still

    I'm falling down
    My world is spinning round
    It feels like i'm flying
    The feeling is lying
    I'm falling down
    Falling down

    I'm a monster
    I'm not well
    No mirrors
    So I cannot tell
    There's a zoo on my back
    And a cloud on my soul
    Where I once had a heart
    There's a bottomless hole
    I wish I could get back
    An ounce of control

    I can't see beauty in anything
    I can't tell where I tripped up
    Where I fell
    I'm a piece of candy cane
    Wedged tightly in a drain
    Day by day, dissolving away

    Written by: Travis John Allen
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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