Halo Friendlies Falling Away Lyrics

Acid Wash Track Listing
  • 1 On Our Way
  • 2 Falling Away
  • 3 Acid Wash
  • 4 Don't Wake the Cat
  • 5 Hush
  • I'll be one and you'll be two
    I'll be three and you'll be four
    I'll give you five but you'll want more
    Cuz every single day you just take a little more

    You got what you wanted but now you're leaving
    You took what you needed and now you're leaving
    Your heart, your soul, your life, your mind
    I can't stop you from falling away

    I don't want to see you that way again
    Is there a fire in your soul?
    Are you afraid of what you'll find?
    Do you think you're in control?

    You're beautiful
    You're pitiful

    You had what you needed but sold it for another fate
    And your heart is my desire to save you from this misery
    But I'm burned I'm torn, I'm used and
    I can't stop you from falling away

    What can I do to
    Help you my friend
    Don't walk away from this
    It's all you know
    Don't walk away

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