Trip Lee feat. J. Paul Fallin' Lyrics

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I don't really want it but it's calling my name
"William you come and get me I can take away the pain
Come a little closer you got everything to gain"
But I got too much to lose I'm bout to go insane
I been here too many times got my head low
If I gave a dime for every time I'd be dead broke
I feel that battle in my soul the pressure closing in
My passions asking for it passing I can't hold it in
There I go again no self control again I'm too good at giving in
Feeling like throwing in the towel the guilt is closing in
Sometimes I climb the heights but I'm at my lowest sin
Cloaked in deception and overdosing on potent sin
I'm so gone baby wanna be home again
Wanna feel whole again come feel this hole again
Now I'm doubled over with my face in my knees
And decide it's where I wanna be
But there I go again I'm falling

Face to the pavement
Once again faced with the same sin
(There I go again I'm falling)
I don't think I'ma make it
Don't know how much longer I can take it
(There I go again I'm falling)
So I I'm caught up in this sin
I wonder if I see Your face again
(There I go again I'm falling)
Falling, falling, falling
There I go

Trying to keep it cool I don't wanna lead em playing
But it's hard to block out everything that she be said
Look like keep coming baby just reach out an take my hand
There's no need to feel me all I wanna do is dance
I believe the lie now I'm headed for a door
They have finally got me locked and I'm bout to be the song
Feeling like I'm watched by everybody in the room
Cause they know Imma fake and if not they will soon
Have you ever felt like the walls finna close in
Shackles on your hands and your feet and your dozing
Sleep til the larger key possessed before all of the mess
Sound so beheaded mess with the rest what's left
Is a schizophrenic still where a man once was
Now you get to see the damage your lust does
So now I'm doubled over with my face in my knees
And decide it's where I wanna be
But there I go again I'm falling


Every time I fall He go 'n pick me up
The Lord is my shepherd homie He go 'n pick me up
I fell into the trap again but He go 'n pick me up
Remind me of His promises in Him I put my trust
I don't never have to give in to the lies
I'm feasting on His word all my sin I do despise
So now I'm down before His throne praying on my knees
Asking Lord give me grace please
I don't wanna be falling

So I gotta face this but I know there's nothing that He can't fix
(I don't wanna be falling)
Looking to the cross where they place Him
Cause I know His grace is amazing
(I don't wanna be falling)
He's covered all my sin
It's gone never to be seen again the
So we're calling
Calling, calling, calling
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