Sugarland Fall Into Me Lyrics

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When the weight of the world
Breaks down so strong it
Leaves footprints on the street
And theres too many miles to face
Without a few more hours sleep
The storm clouds overhead wont shed
Any rain to quench your thirst
I wanna be the one you reach for first

When your faith is stretched so thin
You can see right through your soul
And you cant find a nickel to buy a smile cause all your pockets all got holes
You wanna shut the door and
Hide before the day can get much worse
I wanna be the one you reach for first

Fall into me
My arms are opened wide
And you don't have to say a word
Cause I already see
That its hard
And your scared
And your tired
And it hurts
And I wanna be the one you reach for first

I wanna be the bottle you've been drinkin' with your eyes
Or the road you run away on
You've been runnin' all your life
The third row pew that you last knew
As a child in church
I wanna be the one your reach for first


Before your turn the key
Before you fall asleep
Before your drift away
To find some demons waiting for you
In your dreams
Before your arms stretched wide open
Before you're reaching for the sky
Before your searching for direction
And all the answers to your life


Written by: Kristian Bush, Scooter Carusoe, Jennifer Nettles
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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