Angel Haze Fall For Your Type Lyrics

Altered Ego Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Altered Ego
  • 2 OVER
  • 3 Fall For Your Type
  • 4 Make it Raee'n
  • 5 Bitches On My Dick
  • 6 Blow Up
  • 7 Impossible
  • 8 Maybe
  • 9 Right Thru Me
  • 10 Romans Revenge
  • 11 Suffering's First
  • 12 There Goes My Baby
  • 13 In The Morning
  • 14 6'7 Freestyle
  • 15 Power
  • 16 No Hands
  • 17 Come Winter (Seasons)
  • 18 Cant Be Friends
  • 19 Deuces
  • 20 Fill Your Space
  • 21 With You
  • 22 Monster
  • 23 On It Freestyle
  • 24 Party Hard
  • 25 The Light
  • 26 Unthinkable
  • 27 I'm Ill
  • Yeah, haze

    You are an oceans breeze, I am a title wave
    You every paragraph, I'm just the tittle page
    You have the heart I hold exactly where you desire it
    It's all so effortless, like what you did to acquire it
    Each time I find it harder just to keep my composure
    I'm tryina show you all of me like indecent exposure
    Look, I'll be the gun
    You be my holster
    I need your love, I need you closer
    Seems like forever when only an hour past
    We fallin' slower then grains of salt in an hour glass
    Emotions runnin' wild
    You are who tames them
    My only means for tranquility, you my sanctum
    And if I could I'd take your eyes and make them blend in with the stars
    So whenever we ain't together I'll see still them from afar
    But that's insane
    I'll do whatever just to feel you
    Even all of that don't come close to what I will do
    They say love hole the power to
    Fulfill you, heal you, kill you, hurt and abuse you
    Take away from what you use to
    I'm tryina paint a picture, like a canvas plain
    To try to put together words like a scrabble game

    I said I wouldn't stop until I said what I needed to right? alright let's go

    Look, I poured my heart out in an effort just to win you
    And I defy my actions solely so they won't offend you
    I mean I would wrestle time, even if it get re-winded
    Everything you lookin' for, in me is where you find it
    So you can stop your searchin' baby
    I know you hurtin' baby
    Your self-esteem so low sometimes that you feel worthless baby
    Okay, you hide it well
    But you know I can tell
    I see right threw that bullshit that you be tryina sell
    So let it drop, let it fall
    Let it blow with the wind
    I told you once, I told you twice and I'm a tell you once again
    That I'll be here, yeah said I'll be here
    And, if love is blind, then my mental clear
    And all we have is time
    And good intentions
    Fuck you brake, fuck your suspensions
    Put your foot up on that gas
    And drive 'till you don't see your past
    I said drive 'till your vision blurs
    And let my voice tell our story

    [Spoken words:]
    Fuck let them hate we where they never was
    And fuckin' Shakespeare couldn't of wrote a better love
    But people tell me that I'm trippin, I say you different
    And when they ask me how, I can't provide a description, you don't need one
    I would disconnect them all, like a broken joint
    Just to prove I only see you like a focal point
    I know that the distances, may cause complications
    But you make me feel good, fucked up, exonerated
    Still I wonder what you like beneath the shackles that you wearin'
    I've been longin' to release you from a load that's overbearin'
    Tell me, are you protected by your guard boo?
    Or could I blow and make it fall like cards do
    And I ain't interested 'till it involves you
    You got your doors locked and I just saw through
    You reached the height of loneliness, cause we all do
    But everything that goes up gotta fall to

    I always fall for your type, yeah, for your type
    Tell me why I always fall for your type, for your type
    I just can't explain this shit at all, fall for your type
    I just can't explain this shit at all, fall for your type
    I believe in people like you

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