Fall'N-lyrics-Chingy/96E09D3F8E7B9A4848257A030034CD75Fall'N-lyrics-Chingy/96E09D3F8E7B9A4848257A030034CD75 Chingy feat. G.I.B. Lyrics

Chingy feat. G.I.B. Lyrics

Fall in
Fall in
***** *****s
***** *****s
***** *****s
***** *****s
***** *****s
***** *****s

[Chorus: x2]
Ta all my hustler *****s
Fall in (fall in)
Ta all you ***** *** *****s we gone do it again
I got kin (kin) I got friends (friends)
And the river don't stop with them

Retaliation is a must
I'm keepin' it gutter bra
Anybody talkin' ****, yeah I'm runnin' up on ya
Banga keep it by my side
Hundred stacks don't fold right
Girl I know yo feet hurt, how you gone stay by my side
If you ain't gettin' it, I'm about ta roll ya right
Like a dodgy blunt (ho)
Pickin' thrown off the side

[Chorus: x2]

(whoa oh oh)

Doin' it like Donald Trump
I'm sendin' this one to the women with body
And all my hustler's with the grill front
That's got check
But it ain't gonna last for four months
Bought a chain, that's some cardy of grain (get it main)
Don't stunt
Get wit my beats in the four blunts
Leave with your ****
Heads up must of broke one
Yeah it's official now (official now) Blow your whistle now (whistle now)
I got a rifle to tell 'em blow your whistle now
When I'm chill'in (when I'm chill'in)
Half fill'in (half fillin')
Real good watchin' flat screens on the ceilin'
Big wheelin' (big wheelin') Quarter melon (quarter melon)
Three hundred c plus tar ? spillin' (*****!)

[Chorus: x2]

But it depends (it depends)
On how I feel (how I feel)
And how you been in the past either your fake or your real
I don't deal
With whole *****s
Cause whole *****s they, Hamper Dre like they're bigger than they really are
Ride'in in my fast car like Tracy Chapmen
I'm simply rapp'in
Given the world pure satisfaction
If action is what you like to do
Then play your role
Cause I'm tired of *****s com'in in my life play 'em whole.


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